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The Think Green Connection – network is essentially a communication and cooperation platform for the most diverse subjects and topics on renewable energy sources.

If you are looking out for innovative and cost-optimised solutions for your project, our engineering specialists are at your disposal with their know-how and several years of relevant experience. Planned projects and energy concepts are worked out by our partners and implemented for you successfully.

Innovative and successful solutions, such as, for example, special applications with water-repellent sand, recycling technology methods without CO² emissions, energy-efficient & earthquake-proof construction systems, extension of shelf life by treating foodstuffs with ozone-enriched water, as well as off-grid solar systems for use in remote regions are only a few of such subjects.

Our network partners work intensively together with qualified laboratories, scientists, developers, inventors, manufacturers and investors in order to implement the Research and Development of new technologies in other promising energy concepts for you.

What is achieved by one central contact person and the grouping of core competencies, is a focussed WIN-WIN situation by networking meaningful and relevant synergies.  

Using the CONTACT FORMS in the respective areas of specialisation, you gain direct access to our network partners or you may write about the matter of your concern directly to Think Green Connection, and we shall promptly establish a connection for you with the competence partner in charge.