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Water-repellent sand: The rising demand for mineral sealing systems in recent years has motivated us to develop an additive with the help of which we can make the raw material, sand, hydrophobic, without the use of chemical solvents. With cumbersome development work, we have succeeded in producing water as a carrier (solvent) for our new product, the FSS impregnating fluid, FSS-H840-100 (additive). 

In our special method, not only is the surface of the sand grains wetted, which could get washed off and, in most cases, is not durable. With the help of our additive, we permanently modify the molecular structure (surface property) of the sand grains.

Since the original raw material does not change by more than 1% the hydrophobic sand is not a construction material but must continue to be classified as a raw material.

The sand is not harmful for the health of human beings, animals or nature (e.g. ground water).