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Process technology: The thermal decomposition of residual and recycling materials takes place, with the exception of oxygen, in a specially developed pressure and temperature process (25o to 650 degrees), and within a time span of 8 – 10 hours.

In doing so, during the carbonization process, waste heat and inert gases are fed into a turbine and converted into electrical energy. In contrast to conventional plants, there are no flying ash components or harmful gases [CO² emission free] whatsoever generated in this pyrolysis recycling method.

Apart from oils, benzenes, gases and valuable carbon [highly pure carbons] some other recyclable materials are also recovered as output in the process.

An initial scaled-down prototype was first prepared considering the aspect of the latest process technology. The aim is to adapt the process and the plant to the present-day requirements of a continuously operated large industrial plant and to offer investors a low-cost and economically viable solution.