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Process Yields (Output): Apart from oils, aromatic products, benzenes, gases and valuable carbon [highly pure carbons] some other recyclable raw materials are also recovered as process yields (output).

Example of old tyres: Here, in the pyrolysis process, benzenes, gases and other harmful substances are removed from the old tyres. At the end of the process, what remains includes carbons and spring steel, which is not oxidised by the de-polymerisation and can be recycled directly.

Example of process heat / gas recycling: The process waste heat and the gas recovered from the recycling materials can be converted via a gas turbine into electrical energy. Here, apart from autarkic plant operation of a basic plant with 9 tons of daily production, excess power of around 1.3 MW would be created that can be fed into the grid and paid for or can be used for captive consumption.

The Triple benefit from the recyclable input materials, the recovery of energy from the process and recyclable output materials yield enormous gains for those operating and investing in these plants.