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Recycling using the Pyrolysis Method: A thermal and emission-free decomposition of substances, with the exception of oxygen, takes place in our unique pyrolysis method. Moreover, this special method ensures the maximum yields in all stages of the process.

All substances such as, for example, organic waste, wastecontaining cellulose, rubber and plastic, as well as sewage sludge, oils and greases can be processed in our pyrolysis plant. Valuable and reusable raw materials [Output] are recovered in the recycling process from the recycled materials [Input]. Another important aspect for deciding in favour of recycling using the pyrolysis method in future is the utilisation of waste heat and pyrolysis gases for conversion to valuable energy. This energy can subsequently be used via combined heat and power plants [CHP] driven by gas turbines for autarkic plant operation or may be fed into the grid.

The triple benefit of recycling residual material, the recovery of energy from the process, and the recovery of valuable residual materials (e.g. highly pure carbons) yield enormous gains for those operating our pyrolysis plants.